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Are you still looking for jobs and want to earn money from home?You can join with GetaFreelancer. What is GetaFreelancer? is one of the leading freelance websites, an ideal place to find freelance web designers, engineering, developers, copywriters and even translators and marketing specialists. Alternatively, if you provide any of these services you can join the site and bid for work.

GetaFreelancer is highly useful for Service Buyers – companies looking to outsource web design and marketing work. Service Providers is the name given to those individuals and companies which bid on projects and therefore provide the service. It’s a highly competitive area, with Service Providers located all across the world, from Eastern Europe, to India and the Philippines. As a consequence an excellent cost-savings can be made.

As a general rule when outsourcing work you’re looking for two things – quality work done at any affordable rate. GetaFreelancer satisfies both of these requirements. Service Providers bid on projects, with bids usually visible, thereby encouraging Service Providers to undercut each other. As a Service Buyer you can be assured that you’re receiving excellent rates.

However, GetaFreelancer is equally useful when assessing the quality of Service Providers. There’s an excellent feedback system so you can reliably assess whether someone is likely to be reliable and deliver a good job.

How does work in practice?

1. Post the details of your project –the project can the post under up to 5 categories. Make sure you write a full description, and you’ll also need to select a budget range and how long you wish the bidding to stay open for.

2. After your project has expired you have 3 days to select a Service Provider.

3. Once the work has been done you can login to your account and provide feedback on the Service Provider that you used. Costs & Optional Extras

There are a couple of extra features, such as the ability to hide all bids and also hide your project from the search engines. This costs $3 but is often worth doing if you don’t want to give away anything to your competitors.

In terms of the standard costs you have to pay a refundable fee of $5 when posting a project. This is to ensure that all projects are valid and are not simply company advertisements or breaking the terms and conditions in some other way such as by posting contact details. For completed projects a small commission is charged – 3% commission or $3, whichever one is greater.

There are a couple of optional extras that you can choose. The main one is setting your project as featured. This costs $25 and is useful if you have an especially large project and want the top Service Providers to bid but as a general rule you’ll get more than enough bids when you don’t feature your project.

You can also choose to become a Gold Member for $12 a month. If you’re a regular user this is certainly beneficial – you pay no commissions and as a Service Provider you have a higher chance of winning a project as 75% of all projects are won by Gold Members.

All in all is certainly highly recommended if you're looking for a low cost and reliable freelancer.

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