Shoes Bring you the Charm

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Do you know there are two kinds of men who are adored so much by the female club around the world? The first ones are musicians and the other ones are athletes. Musicians are usually so romantic that women cannot to fall in love with them. Women will be melting to hear romantic poetry in songs no matter how hard their music is. Meanwhile, athletes give complicated appearance for women to adore. They are healthy due to the intensive exercise as well as showing good physical appearances. Besides, they have a confusing charm through their sweat dropping in their fancy sports clothes.
They look special in their casual way of dressing by their cool headband, wristband, and absolutely their shoes. Shoes are important aspects that add people wonderful performances. Sport shoes play the same roles. They can bring different look in their unusual charm. Therefore, it is necessary to select the best brand of shoes. Adidas shoes for instance are never disappointing. So people, check sites with good stuff to make your self adorable. provides you the best options. It gives good offers like discount athletic shoes of international brands. The athletic shoes brands are the world best brands with outstanding quality. It is your choice to choose your shoes as well as to captivate those crazy women with the so called fabulous charm of athletes.
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JUAL DOMAIN | Daftar Stock Domain KOESnadi Blog

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Setelah beberapa bulan terakhir ini buka usaha jual beli domain lewat forum-forum dalam dan luar negeri, ternyata kepingin juga nih membuat postingan khusus untuk daftar list domain yang ready stock. Postingan ini akan diupdate seiring dengan persediaan domain yang ada. Bagi yang berminat silahkan kalo mo beli yang tidak berminat kalo hanya untuk sekedar melihat-lihat ya tidak apa-apa.

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This obviously doesn’t qualify as “celebrity gossip,” but when the lunar surface is being destroyed — all in the pursuit of water — I like to talk about it. United States space agency NASA is bombing the moon in order to see what lies beneath its rock and dust surface. Oh — and this little “mission” is only costing American taxpayers a measly $79 million smackers.

Nasa’s LCROSS project hunted water on the moon by bulldozing two spacecrafts into the crater early Friday. The impact kicked up a cloud of debris that will be analysed for traces of water. The above video shows a simulation of the bombing, but you can head here for a play-by-play of this morning’s mission. Watch NASA Moon Bombing VIDEO — NASA LCROSS Mission Hunts For Water On Moon here
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Tampilan Baru di Blog Innakoe

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Bagi para blogger mania yang sudah familiar dengan blog ini, mungkin agak terkejut dengan tampilan baru blog ini.
Setelah sempat vakum selama hampir 2 bulan karena kesibukan kerjaan kantor dan manage blog lain, akhirnya tepat pada tanggal 10 Oktober 2009 ini saya dengan tekad bulad kembali mengganti layout template ini dan ingin menampilkan suasana baru. Semoga dengan perubahan templates ini diharapkan dapat mengembalikan kejayaan blog ini yang sempat mencapai PR 3 dan akhirnya DROP ke PR NOL...semoga..
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