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12 Rounds (2009) 
When New Orleans Police Detective Danny Fisher stops a brilliant thief, Miles, from getting away with a multi-million-dollar heist, the thief's girlfriend is accidentally killed. After escaping from prison, the criminal mastermind enacts his revenge, taunting Danny with a series of near-impossible puzzles and tasks... 12 Rounds... that Danny must somehow complete to save the life of his fiancee.

Here is full review:
In 12 Rounds, a fearless police detective (John Cena) is the brain of a murderer Irish (Aidan Gillen), his girlfriend hostage in New Orleans. Danny Fisher has to stretch to the fool in "cycles" - that is, the game - to his daughter. Remember, like Die Hard meets Sierra without profanity and Gore.
It is now a World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), the production, so I think it would be a kind of heavy, something that Stallone had in the eighties, what Mack - truck-sized holes in the plot. But it is not so disappointing, it has a plot and throw enough rounds to keep you riveted. Sometimes it helps to low expectations.
First, here are the good things. There are a number of explosions. The film is an explosion to think. And of course it is, directed by Renny Harlin (Die Hard 2, Cliffhanger). Now, one might think that a film with a big explosion, finally, boring, but the tone of the film takes us back to these stars of action movies nonsense food yesterday - the super hero that is more real guys, and gives a little more Action.
After dinner. For a professional wrestler, has a very good action star. Is credible and sincere, and it is in top condition, which really have the feeling that utilizes a painful question. His likability here saves the film, at least to some degree. Dinner is not intended primarily as a charismatic, at least not in the sense that Roddy Piper was / is charismatic, but there is a Git R Done, the meat and potatoes kind of man. It is not superfluous to the action, you see a man playing a policeman, as here, or a fireman or an astronaut
Fisher opponent, played by Adian Gillen is a great organizer, a careful researcher revenge. The motivation for the kidnapping of his daughter, Fisher is the daughter of Miles Jackson was accidentally killed in a hit and run while trying to flee from a year ago, Fisher (daily, of course). Of course, the girl's death, Danny Fisher was guilty, so Jackson has escaped from prison and hatches a plan to develop.

The challenges are very nice too. In one case, Fisher has two safes. It was a bomb in it, while other information about the next challenge "round". You must view the contents of one of them in one place at least 20 minutes - seven minutes, or go to the pump. Should include: a) exactly where the other is, and b) that the two boxes is the bomb. In another challenge to the work of Fischer in the first challenge is disabled the brakes on a tram, which is now creating an incredible speed (for a cable car), so to speak, Fisher has the car. Way of thinking - or derivatives - for the speed, but still.

Well, some of the bad things. The last phase is easy to recognize, but that can not flow to the most die-hard (pun intended) fan of action movies. I do not think the actress playing the girl from Fisher, Ashley Scott, everything was good - not too hot, you want your girls in distress and not really credible, as you want n 'any character. At least I was not open to their roots to.
12 Rounds reminds me of this wave of action movies, after Die Hard. You know, Die Hard on a Plane, Die Hard on a boat, and so on. What is a action movie, you might say, really, with the dialogue from some neighbors of laughter. But for me, I could ignore these obvious defects, and focus on fear, the heroism of John Cena, as the producer of my intention to do so. So yes, it's manipulative fluff, which is connected to a small audience.

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 12 Rounds (2009) 
 12 Rounds (2009) 
 12 Rounds (2009) 

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