The Use of Car: Close The Distance

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People need car for the transportation and take them to the destination. Car is a common vehicle in US since almost all home in US have at least one car. Car is very popular since a century ago and today there are may brand cars in the world. Some of those are coming from US but most of them are coming from non US. Brand car from Japan and Germany are dominated cars brand in US.

Do you know the most popular brand in the world? The most popular brand is Toyota and Honda, while other elegance brand such as BMW, Mercedes and Ferrari take small market in US. Toyota Corolla is one of product from Toyota Astra Motor, Japan . This car is popular and many US citizens choose this car because the price is affordable and it consumes few fuel. Another popular car is BMW X6 which is one of products from BMW. It is SUV car and the design is very sporty. It is very suitable for young people.

The new popular car is Hyundai Genesis, a car product from Korea . Although Hyundai Motor is new player in car company, they can enter US market and get some percents of car market share in US. Even more, from the entire world, this car beat Dodge 1500 for get bigger market. Most of those consumers are coming from Asian countries. Today, the use of car is very close to people activities and it helps people to cut the trip time.

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