Jeanine Manson | The Winner of

Jeanine Manson, 18 years old dancer from Miami have won So You Think You Can Dance 2009. Jeanine Manson is now the pride owner of the prestigious title of ” Americas Favorite Dancer” and entitled to $250,000 in cash as the first prize.

We are excited about the result because:

a) Its a victory of the contemporary dancing.
b) It proves again that people still believe on contemporary dancing- It was a record vote in the history of the show and that is of 21.6 million , and the votes mostly directed to Jeanine Manson and her contemporary dancing performances.

c) She was the choose one by our experts and great dancer Brandon was our second favorite.

d) Evan came ahead of Kayla, though he was not expected in the finale constant direct attack against him influenced the audience as expected.

e) Finally we are very much happy as the result have almost eliminated the gap between the should be winner and the favorite winner controversy, because Jeanine Mason is unquestionably a top grade dancer and she is always a perfect contender for the post of the should be winner.

So You Think You Can Dance: Top three results

Jeanine Manson - the winner

Brandon Bryant - the runner up

Evan Kasprzak - managed to finished third

Kayla Radomski - is fourth

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  1. Harga HP Nokia Terbaru // August 8, 2009 at 8:16 AM  

    I never heard about her.. but she has a beautiful,,, body?! :P