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What really happened during the San Diego Earthquake? What's the news say about it? Have you heard the explosion or the sonic boom?
A San Diego earthquake was felt by many San Diegans today. Was the loud noise many heard and felt really a San Diego earthquake? It seems according to the U.S. Geological survey, the noise at 4 this afternoon was really a sonic boom and not a San Diego earthquake.
San Diego reports USGS seismologist Robert Dollar told them sonic booms are caused by high speed aircraft. It is possible the alleged San Diego earthquake was noise bouncing off the atmosphere. The sonic boom noise traveled around the county, making everyone think there was a San Diego earthquake.
SignOn SanDiego also reports on the San Diego earthquake. Maurice Luque, spokesperson for the San Diego Fire Department, indicated there was no San Diego earthquake and no massive explosion. Military official say there were no exercises in the area at the time.

Check out this YouTube footage of San Diego Earthquake test at the University of San Diego:

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