Baja Earthquake 7.2 | Earthquake hits Pacific Coast and Baja California
Baja Earthquake

An earthquake hit today in Baja, near Los Angeles. Folks in Phoenix Arizona seem to have felt it the most. I wonder if this is the precursor to a larger quake? The other fault lines must get disturbed from the pressure of these quakes. I think I mentioned some of this information recently.
Reports have been issued of an earthquake that rattled Baja California. The USGS said the earthquake has been upgraded from a magnitude 6.9 to a magnitude 7.2 quake.
Further north, the Baja California earthquake was followed by a 4.1 quake in Santa Rosa, just north of San Francisco, California. People on the social network site, Twitter, have reported feeling the Baja California quake in Phoenix, Arizona.
The 7.2 magnitude Baja California quake has local San Francisco residents concerned.
What do San Francisco residents think? Francis Witham, a longtime San Francisco resident says, "I'm glad that no major damage was done, but living in earthquake country makes every San Franciscan ask, 'Are we next and are we prepared enough?'"

What do YOU think? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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