Kaspersky Lab acknowledges that the site with a usa.kaspersky.com has become the target of attacks cracker. Did not want more penetration, security experts institution is also comprehensive auditing.

Kaspersky security experts are now busy investigating the incident. "We also perform a security audit on the entire web site and official Kaspersky Lab are developing the technical and legal steps to protect the corporate enterprise from similar attacks in the future," Kaspersky said in the description authorized.

Even so, the cracker attack occurred a few days ago Kaspersky is considered as a failed experiment. Because, they can not get access to restricted information stored in the web site.

However, on the other hand, actors who are responsible for the attack is even express it, and claim to have gained access to user data.

"Results from the attacks, a weakness is found in one section in the website usa.kaspersky.com. The company quickly followed up the issue, and weaknesses have been overcome over time," tukas Kaspersky.

Weaknesses were found in the usa.kaspersky.com source itself does not affect other Internet Kaspersky Lab, including www.kaspersky.com, the official web site of the headquarters company.

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