Project High Standards and Class

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Appearances and reality can often be confused. Your self-confident attitude and personal drive for greatness help women perceive you to having High Standards in Life, even if you aren't there yet. So what traits reflect this? Women want men who have strong moral principles and absolute certainty in themselves. Men who are not looking for sleazy shortcuts and a low budget style of living. Men who pay great attention to detail, are highly self-disciplined, have complete emotional control, and are reliable. A man who is persistent in getting what he wants attracts women, especially if his accomplishments appear to be full of honesty and personal integrity. They all want to hook up with a man who appears to want the best of everything, and latch onto them hoping for the free ride.

As far as the all important materialness that women love, high standards is crucial. Girls like a man who knows the value of the finer things in life. They like guys who are classy, well dressed, and go for exactly what they want, without settling for second best. They like guys who are in control, and are a challenge; men who carry themselves with prestige, and aren't caught dead in the wrong places with the wrong people. They like guys who associate with other high-class men. Women all dream of the Hollywood lifestyle. So as a man, you should have a wide array of knowledge on the High Class things that women like. Restaurants, wines, cooking, the theatre, fancy cars, houses, interior design, the arts, travel, etc. A man who is "cultured" and has High Standards receives a higher level of desirability and value in a girls mind. Why? Because they think you're going to finance all these things for her! Now this does not mean that you have to live this highbrow lifestyle and cater to her every whim while you're single. It just means you are smart enough to take the time to educate yourself about all the details, and are prepared to discuss anything with the proper lingo. It certainly means all those midnight runs to the local Strip Clubs after you dump your date off better be done incognito in Navy Seal fashion.
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