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Life in society for the marketing of enterprises depends on the freedom of movement. No traffic, no site to exist. It helps you increase your CTR and sales. Here are the 5 types to get visitors to your site:

Blogging - like a network where you interesting articles for readers. The elements that can be used to guide readers to your site, also known under the name connections. Back links can help you, the rank of a search engine. Reporting one of your blogs on Google and for your blog in 2 days with the RSS feed for more traffic.

Forums - a fun promotion of companies, where you ask questions and answers to learn a lot and can help others. No ads are allowed here, but you can use your email signature every time you send.

Viral Marketing - one of the oldest and best forms of marketing. You can use an eBook on your website and a torque of links and a full page ad in the back of the product or service. Granting of permission to your readers to the library and this promotion snowball effect.
Social Marketing - is a good example of MySpace. Myspace is a popular marketing products and services.

Article Distribution - an important means to promote business, where you interesting articles and information for your readers. This brings many visitors to your website. If you want to gain time, visit too many resources, including the content of the week you can also use free articles for distribution.
Avoid scams Partners
Affiliate marketing helps your company profitable and entertaining at the same time. Importantly, the right programs. You can be good programs, whether in connection with the fraud does not pay you for your problems and we have referred to the Committee that you deserve at the end.

Prevention of fraud: The best way to prevent this fraud and to conduct research. Consider these points before you contact:
1. Does your company have a good support? Are they on the e-mail and valid contact information?
2. Do you have a valid address in offline mode?
3. How much% of what they pay, the Commission, 30% -50% is best.
4. Monitoring system - that should be in real time and accurate.
5. The products should be targeted for the market and of good quality.

Where the research:
1. Forums for your industry. There are many people who have knowledge of the locations included. They may make recommendations to others on the basis of programs that use it.
2. Mailing lists.
3. See the program.
4. Turn off the name of the company, and the word "fraud in the search engines and see what comes out. Use your own mind that these tests may not be 100% correct.

Golden rule: search before they are to be avoided, the victims of this fraud. It is advisable if you think of others. They express not only the choice of a good reliability of the programs that came with your choice for many years.

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