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Search Engine Optimization or (SEO) is important because the quality and the traffic to a website in search engines. If your website get more unique visitor everyday, yo will get Rank from Google and Alexa.You want your site on a high level? Here are some tips that should be considered, we name SEO Guidelines:
Optimization of site content + Links = High Ranking
1. How Google Measures Link Popularity
The highest score = higher search engine link popularity
Link popularity is the most important factor in determining your search engine. You must know what the link popularity, why it is so important, and how Google measures your link popularity (over 50% of all search engine traffic comes from Google, and if you can The summit of Google, more and more upwards, the other Search engines also).
Link popularity - the number of links (votes) for your website.
Here is a link to a good tool, the link popularity of the SE. It shows the popularity of Google and Yahoo and MSN, you can report from the history to determine the growth on your site.

2. Articles:
Consistency is the key. It is a fact that as more and more articles are added to article directories, your article will go lower in the listings, but if you constantly and consistently submit new articles, then you will continue to reap the benefits. Making articles is a great way to build up the link popularity of your website. It gives you life-time links.
• Connect your articles with a link to your website is relevant to the copy of the article. Hyperlink the keyword with your url.

3. Control over your words.
"No account everything that can be counted, and everything that counts can be counted.
This does not apply to our situation. In the meta tags you need to every word and every keyword. By using a program like this to look at the characters of your meta tags. "

4. Title Optimization
• Recording of the 1-2 most important keyword phrase in the context of rebuilding, but not only from the list of key words.
If the list of words, you may as spam by the search engines that led to the blacklist and was not all.
• The title tag must be the keyword phrases in a readable sentence to avoid this problem.
• Make your product attractive for the people!
Do not forget, even though this page to the search engines, our list is still to say that the fact that the Internet link and want to visit your page.
• As the duration of the day as could be the engines on the harvest, we propose to put the issues to the top of the label, if possible, the risk of cutting.
Each page of your website must have its own title tag with its own theme, based on the tariff page

5. Optimization of the meta-description
• Enter a description (as some search engines, this description in the search result), the more on your site. Turn only targeted keyword in the description. Not to describe things of keywords. The number of words in that day from 10 to 15 words.
• Put the most important sentences at the beginning of the description, so that even if there is no search engine does not mention some of the narrative, the meaning of the sentences on the screen.

6. Optimization of meta-keywords
The importance of Meta Tags is debated in these days. So it is an option.
• Only the keywords in the text and no more than 5-7 words. Add spelling variants of words (including errors) and the synonyms of keywords.
I hope this SEO Guidelines will make your website more popular, and I hope Google and Alexa will give rank to your website.

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