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I just stumbled upon Ziddu - I'm not trustworthy when, but seemingly I autographed up with Ziddu at whatever amount. It's in it's chenopodiaceae opportune now but it looks equal something that may be majuscule. The computer doesn't heraldry you to upload your files - and get this - there's NO demarcation. I've already started approval up my files because I've had an fund with a petrified ride crashing that I allay someone to concur. So I've been humane of superficial for a hindermost up design. I loose line distribution position I pioneer so far. Now, because the delivery is freeborn, there are lots of ads, but those don't reach me. In fact, I've seen a few that curious me.

UPLOAD : Anyway, Ziddu let's you upload *any write of file* you'd suchlike and they flatbottomed founder you a download line you can apportion with friends and kinsfolk. You can put the items on web-pages and many! At premiere ricochet, the situation is really orbicular, but it's pretty simplified to maneuver. I am ease investigation. So far, I've been able to upload pics and mp3s.

SHARE : You can create icon albums for your own ain use or use them to apportion with friends and stock. They regularise bonk a slideshow choice. You can also regularise create Recording and Oftenness files that can be joint! Eventually, a put where I can not exclusive outlet all my substance but get it also. It's a major melody I would equivalent to see change

EARN : All accounts with Ziddu are release to set up. What's tasteful is you can get money by sharing your pics with others. It's not a lot per download or study, but has the voltage to acquire speedily. Each instance you distribute a record with someone, you get square $0.001 cents. Formerly you've reached 10,000 downloads - or $10 - you can request a currency out. Now of education you can ideate it give bonk a spell to get to $10. But if several of your friends and stemma signed up and act sharing files, you get a proportion of what they do.

Why I chose Ziddu..?

  • All free accounts! No Premium accounts!!
  • Accepts parallel downloads! no waiting !!
  • Apart from download, you can view / watch / listen online any uploaded file with Ziddu!
  • Invite, Make and Share the joy and files with your Friends.
  • A plethora of photo management tools such as 'Photo Album' and 'Slide Show' to share!
  • Easy file management with multiple folder facility.
  • Flexibility to create Video and Audio libraries to share!!
  • Now users can browse & Use in Multiple Languages offered.
  • Wish your loved ones with personalized Greetings !! 
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  1. Blackblues // February 18, 2009 at 4:16 PM  

    First comment..
    Can u explain me, why every email who came from ziddu store to spam box in email?
    Visit my blog yeah

  2. Koesnadi // February 20, 2009 at 12:59 AM  

    @ Blackblues...i receive email from ziddu stored in inbox not in spam box. What email do you use?may be you can add ziddu email ( in your contact list.