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Blogging phenomenon is always increase each time. Increase of blogging is also comparable with the increase of websites that provide opportunities for Blogger to obtain the income. Get paid to post and make review about product or website is one alternative to get some money for Blogger.

One of such site is PayingPost.com. Paying post offers an opportunity for Blogger who want to earn money online. In addition to the Blogger, paying post also provided to the advertiser. Sponsored review from their advertisers can be found on their site, and it is up to a Blogger to choose which ads, products, sites, services or companies to review to fit their blog site

As the advertiser, who want to promote the product, website or another things, they provide some opportunities for Blogger to review of the desired product or website.

If as a Blogger, the first condition that must be held is of course has a website. Register as a Blogger will be given the opportunity to write a review of the product or website. If you already approved by paying post, next step is check any available opportunities for you. If there is writing opportunity for you in the list, then click the opportunity title to see requirements and opportunity descriptions. Click “reserve this opportunity” to take the opportunity and start reviewing. You will be given within 6 hours to give your review.

The Conclusion, paying post give benefits for the advertiser to promote their product or website and the bloggers who want to make money blogging.

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  1. tetetzet // February 19, 2009 at 12:57 AM  

    Yes, is true. I have earned money with PayingPost.

    Great post dude! :)