How to Show RSS Feed to Your Blog

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I will show how to display Online News in our blog using RSS. The steps required are very simple.
First you must register  in one of  RSS Builder. You can try in Next you  can select from list of RSS Google Top News Yahoo Top News etc.. If you want to display Online News from a local website, such as Detik, Tempo, you must know the RSS address . Don't worry , i provide a list some local RSS (thank to Mr Eko Teguh Triwisuda). You can copy the address and paste in "Or Enter Any Other RSS URL" menu.
The next step is to customize you RSS. If you have finished click Get RSS code and copy to your template. If successful you will see Onine News like in my blog.

Here list of  RSS addres.

News :

Republika Online


Surya Online
- Fokus Berita

- Politik

Liputan6 - Berita Aktual

Al-Jazeera English

CNN Online

News from Partai Keadilan Sejahtera :

PKS Sejahtera Pusat

8-pks (Desain Logo PKS Bagus)

Moslem Site :

Eramuslim: Dunia Islam

Eramuslim: Ustadz Menjawab

Eramuslim: Syariah

Republika Koran :: Hikmah

Sains / Teknologi : - Sains

KOMPAStekno Teknologi

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